Yui Leaves Babymetal as They Release Incredible New Track 'Starlight'

Your favourite kawaii metal band Babymetal have had a very big week; on top of releasing a massive new single called 'Starlight', which you can listen to below, one of the band's core members Yuimetal has announced that she is leaving Babymetal to pursue a solo career, leaving Su-metal and Moametal to hold the fort.

'Starlight' is the first release since their epic standalone 'Distortion' earlier in the year, and it serves as a powerful tribute to Babymetal's former guitarist Mikio Fujioka, who passed away in February from injuries sustained from a fall. He was 36 years old. Check out the song and video below, which is some of the band's best work to date in our opinion, then read on for Yui's statement regarding her departure:

To all the fans,

I am truly sorry for the inconvenience I have caused so many people due to being absent for an extended period of time. I have mulled over this over and over again but, I have decided to leave Babymetal at this time.

I feel very sorry that my decision will disturb the other members and some many fans who have supported Babymetal. I am further terribly sorry to sadden the fans who have supported Babymetal. I had the strong desire to appear on stage again but my physical condition is not at its best even now, and further I feel that I would like to pursue my dream, one that I have had from a long time ago, of going on my own as Mizuno Yui. It is these factors that led to my decision.

I am thankful for the numerous and precious experiences I was able to have being a part of Babymetal. I always felt day to day that I was truly blessed. The live shows where we all smiled together and became as One were truly happy and enjoyable times. I will do my utmost best to be able to again one day meet all of you as Mizuno Yui.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the last 8 years.

Mizuno Yui

There's no word on a replacement yet, so who knows what kind of show we will see when they head to Australia for the first time in December for the inaugural Good Things festival.

Listen to Babymetal now.