Young Girl Finds 1,500-Year-Old Sword in Swedish Lake

In some non-musical (yet still totally metal) news, a young girl by the name of Saga has discovered a sword in a Swedish lake, which turned out to be over 1,500 years old and be from the Iron Age, pre-dating Viking viking history altogether.

Found on July 15, Saga Vanecek was at Lake Vidösten searching under the water for stones to skip along the water, when she came across what felt like a stick. Realising that it was actually something else altogether, she raised it above her head she yelled "DADDY! I FOUND A SWORD!".

Archaeologists arrived the next day in awe of the find and only now has an official press statement been made by her father, which reads:


It's official! 
With today's press release we can finally reveal what Saga found in Lake Vidösten this summer... a sword from the Iron Age! Estimated to be about 1500 years old, complete with its scabbard (sheath) made of wood and leather, it is the first sword of its kind to ever be found in Scandinavia!!! Press from newspaper, radio, and TV interviewed Saga today regarding her sensational find. Very exciting...

Here is a bit of a story about the day Saga found the sword....
The Saga of Saga’s Sword

Just minutes before the opening kick of the battle between France and Crotia in the 2018 Soccer World Cup in July, there was a reminder of a possible battle from over a thousand years ago. It was July 15th that 8 year old Saga Vanecek stumbled upon something special in the muddy clay on the bottom of Lake Vidösten in southern Sweden. She picked up the object, lifted it high above her head, and shouted as if she was Pippi Longstocking, “DADDY! I FOUND A SWORD!”

As she held it high, gravity bent the fragile, over thousand year old weapon, and it was then that Saga’s dad realized that it actually was a sword. The next day, an archaeologist was on the scene, with goosebumps on her arms, as she took photos of the sword, and laid it in water to make sure it didn’t decompose from being in the air for the first time on over one thousand years.

Sword experts have weighed in and believe the sword to be about 1,500 year old, from the Iron Age.

Now, questions are many, and fantasies abound as we wonder what happened so long ago which led to a sword, in its scabbard, being lost to the bottom of the lake. Did someone fall overboard, or through the ice during a winter trek? Was a weatlhy noble buried in the lake, as from a scene in Game of Thrones? The mystery will forever be known only to Lake Vidösten…


You can also watch a BBC news report on the find below. This is one of the most non-musical metal stories we've read all year! Amon Amarth would be stoked.

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