Watch What Happens When Metal Musicians Try to Write a Happy Pop Song

Throughout the years, we've heard our fair share of violent, evil and downright fucked up lyrics in metal; it's pretty much part and parcel for extreme music. 

In Jared Dines' new video, himself and two friends decide to see what happens when they go from writing heavy music to a happy pop song instead, and the results are pretty hilarious.

The song itself starts out pretty light with lyrics like "the sun was out, birds were chirping / what a gorgeous day / Flowers bloomed along the pier / the waves they crashed so soft".

But things soon get pretty dark when the lyrics switch to 'I cut her guts open / and I ripped out her spleen / and the blood soaked my carpet / as she let out a scream'. It's more unsettling when they're sung over super upbeat music!

Watch right 'til the end for a great surprise too: