Watch Trivium's Matt Heafy Cover Slipknot's 'Spit It Out'

In between Trivium duties, Matt Heafy likes to spend his time streaming covers and video game footage on Twitch. Lately he's been hitting the gas and putting out a new cover almost every day - like this acoustic Slipknot cover!

Taking on 'Spit It Out' from the band's classic 1999 self-titled album, he starts singing the rapid-fire lyrics until around the last minute when he drops the crooning and just starts wailing on the mic.

It's definitely pretty weird hearing such a heavy song on just an acoustic guitar, but it's pretty hilarious too. Check it out: 

In Trivium related news, the band recently put out a re-recorded version of their 2003 track 'Pillars Of Serpents', and it definitely slaps. Slipknot also have their new album coming out in August, which should also slap!

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