Trivium's Matt Heafy Covered 'Africa' on His Twitch

Toto's 'Africa' is just one of those classic bangers that has stood the test of time and is still loved by almost everyone to this day. There have been hundreds of covers of the song over the years, but it was Weezer's recent cover which sent the song into meme territory.

Trivium's Matt Heafy is the latest artist to try his hand at doing the song justice on his Twitch channel, where he frequently takes cover requests from viewers and consistently smashes them out of the park.

Granted, it's just him and his guitar, but the boy's got some pipes (as if you didn't know already)! It goes from clean verses to balls-out distortion in the choruses and he even throws in some beefy Heafy screams for good measure.

Matt regularly streams all sorts of content on his Twitch channel including guitar clinics, video games and other fun shenanigans. Check out his hilarious metal cover of Britney Spears!

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