Watch This YouTuber Perform 80 Rammstein Songs in 8 Minutes

Rammstein are once again the talk of the music world, having released their long-awaited untitled album last month and now proceeding to destroy stadiums across Europe.

YouTuber Paschalis Theotokis has uploaded a medley of every single one of Rammstein's 80 tracks in a span of just 8 minutes. It's only a few bars of each song, but to be able to string them all together in such a way with his own production would take a lot of preparation.

Of course, it wouldn't be Rammstein without some fire either, and Paschalis has his own little DIY pyro set up which goes off for a good portion of the video. Check it out:

This isn't his first gigalyric video either - he's also done 66 System Of A Down songs in 6 minutes too!

Listen to Rammstein now.