Watch This Kids Band Nail a Cover of Slipknot's 'The Devil In I'

The O'Keefe Music Foundation is a pretty cool organisation that aims to help kids record music professionally for free, and their YouTube channel has tons of cool metal covers on it including ToolSlayer and Hatebreed.

Now with all the talk of new Slipknot, one of their bands have covered 'The Devil In I', fronted by 8-year-old Taylor Jade Campbell singing her little heart out, and some impressive musicianship from the rest of the band who range from ages 14-17 (especially drummer Nate Tharp).

The music video shows the band's father tell them they aren't allowed to practice Slipknot before leaving for work. Yeah right, dad!

Check out the clip below, which sees kids from all over the neighbourhood flock to the performance and being little badasses:

'The Devil In I' seems to be a popular choice for kids to cover - remember the 9-year-old who covered it at his school talent show?

Slipknot also just released their heavy new single 'Solway Firth', and the new record We Are Not Your Kind drops on August 9. You can pre-order that bad boy here!