Watch This Guy Cover Slipknot on The Voice Myanmar

Metal on mainstream talent shows seems to be all the rage at the moment; only a couple of weeks ago we saw vocalist Stefanie Stuber cover Lamb Of God on Germany's version of the popular show The Voice, and now we have this guy blasting through Slipknot's 'Spit It Out' on The Voice Myanmar!

The performance from Novem Htoo happened during the show's blind audition process, meaning none of the four judges presumably knew what was about to hit them with their backs turned, but they all eventually hit their buttons to face the screaming Htoo, and one judge can be seen losing his shit and miming the words to the song which leads us to believe that he could also be a Slipknot fan!

'Spit It Out' is not an easy song to tackle by any stretch, and we think Novem did a pretty good job. Check it out:

It's also kinda funny that the show didn't even censor the swear words - perfect prime time family viewing.

Listen to Slipknot's 'Self Titled' now.