Watch This Documentary About Japan's Viral Metal Mascot 'Nyango Star'


If you've spent any amount of time on social media in the past 6 months, then chances are that you might remember this little video of a mascot playing blast beats and double kicks over a children's tune in Japan:

Frequently captioned with 'When you're over-qualified for the job', the video is both hilarious and confusing with no context behind it at all. But now, all has been revealed in a new VICE documentary, which explores the backstory of this metal mascot called Nyango Star. The name is the result of Ringo (meaning 'apple' in Japanese), Nyan (the sound of a cat crying) and of course, Ringo Starr.

According to the documentary, Nyango is an apple which has been inhabited by the spirit of a dead cat, and now has drumming superpowers which enable it to play some pretty insane metal behind the kit.

The mascot originates from Kuroishi City in the Aomori prefecture, which is famous in Japan for its apples. After the above video went viral last year, it also actually provided heaps of economic benefits for the city.

Check out the 7-minute doco for a ton of cool info:

Nyango Star - not the hero we need, but the one we definitely deserve!