Watch This Black Metal Band Play at a Danish National Awards Show

Heavy music and national awards shows aren't two things that cross paths all too often, and although there have been hilarious instances such as Body Count playing at the Grammys and Alien Weaponry performing at New Zealand's version of the same, it would be great to see heavy bands getting a better representation on the big stage.

Denmark seem to be doing it right, when they recently asked the blackgaze band MØL to open this year's GAFFA-Prisen, which is the country's national music awards show.

Taking cues in their sound from bands like DeafheavenMØL unleashed a crushing performance of the song 'Storm', which is the opening track from their incredible debut album Jord. Not only does the live mix sound crystal clear, but the intense show would have undoubtedly shocked the unsuspecting attendees. Have a watch:


Listen to MØL now.