Watch This Bassist Lose His Mind Over His 4-Year-Old Drummer's Skills

It takes a decent amount of time to get good on any musical instrument, but drums in particular require a certain amount of dexterity and coordination which can sometimes take years to fully develop. That's why it's always pretty mind-blowing to see young kids shredding on the kit.

Take the 7-year-old drummer Momo for example, who did an outrageous cover of Animals As Leaders, a band which most adult drummers would probably find a challenge to replicate.

Now we're gonna take it even further with this new clip of 4-year-old Justin Wilson IIwho is jamming along with a much older bassist at some kind of event, who can't honestly believe what he's seeing - and neither can we!

Posted to his Instagram page (which already has 210,000 followers), the clip shows Justin going fucking bananas over his bandmate's bass line, which leads the bassist to stop and just witness the drum solo in awe. Check it out:

What's even more incredible is that if you keep time in your head while Justin goes off on his solo, he still actually comes back in on the beat perfectly. 

Now get this kid a double kick pedal!