Watch the World's Strongest Man Lift to Thy Art Is Murder

Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson, also known as "The Mountain" (he plays this character in HBO's Game Of Thrones) is an extremely strong man. He's actually the world's strongest man, given that he's the current champion of the international World's Strongest Man competition. He's also the only person to have won the Arnold Strongman ClassicEurope's Strongest Man and World's Strongest Man in the same year.

Also, the guy likes him a little bit of Thy Art Is Murder while he does his thing! In a post shared by the band on Facebook, Hafþór can be seen deadlifting am ungodly amount of weight while Thy Art Is Murder's 'Puppet Master' blares in the background. Check it out!

We've definitely worked out to Thy Art before! What's your go-to heavy band for your exercise?

Listen to Thy Art Is Murder now.