Watch the Video For Poppy's Confusingly Awesome Song 'X'

We're calling it - this is the weirdest metal song of 2018.

So what's the deal with Poppy? Basically, her real name is Moriah Rose Pereiraand she moved to Los Angeles in 2013 to pursue a musical career which took off after signing to Island records and releasing an EP and album. Her persona is strange, to say the least, and her music is even more bizarre, jumping around from metal, to pop, to electro and everything in between with no warning at all. We have literally heard nothing like it before, and you can check out the insane new video for 'X' from her sophomore album Am I A Girl?, which came out in October.

It's basically some of the heaviest stuff we've heard all year, spliced with completely different passages of sugar-coated pop and even some dark electro. There's so much stuff going on that we don't really know to think. At the very least it's something different, and you can't argue with that! Oh what the hell - just watch it:

You can visit Poppy's official channel for a whole wealth of truly bizarre content which includes her staring into the camera or conversing with plants. Yep!

Listen to Poppy now.