Watch the Story of How Jay Weinberg Joined Slipknot

There's understandably a lot of Slipknot-related content swirling around the web right now, and this new mini-documentary on how drummer Jay Weinberg joined the band is truly fascinating.

Of course, Jay joined the band in 2014 after their original drummer Joey Jordison departed in late 2013, and has remained a full-time member to this day.

Interestingly, Jay had stopped touring altogether at the time and received a phone call from one of his old band's managers who asked him to fly to LA to try out for a mystery project. Weinberg didn't find out until about 20 minutes before the audition that he was going to be trying out for Slipknot, and had to rely on muscle memory from when he learned their songs as a teenager.

It was also actually his dad Max (drummer of Bruce Springsteen's band), who initially showed Slipknot to Jay after watching one of their first television performances on Conan O'Brien.

It's all pretty interesting - have a watch:

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