Watch Shinedown Gift a Signature Guitar to a Stoked Young Fan

Sometimes when you're a kid, you dream about a day when you'll get to meet your favourite band.

That's what happened to one child Kale and his mother Jillian, who had been selected from a meet and greet event with Shinedown to watch the band perform at Welcome to Rockville 2019 side of stage.

As if Kale wouldn't be stoked enough already, the band's guitarist Zach Myers suddenly approached him after their set and handed over his own signature PRS guitar before giving him a pat on the shoulder.

The ensuing reaction from both Kale and Jillian is priceless, and it's a pretty emotional moment all-round!

Shout out to Loudwire for being there to get footage of the whole thing - check it out below:

Excuse us, we've got a little something in our eye - must be those onions...

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