Watch Sevendust's New Post-Apocalyptic Video for 'Unforgiven'

It's always a good day when Sevendust put out something new, and today the band have released an awesome music video for the track 'Unforgiven' off their latest banger of an album All I See Is War!

The post-apocalyptic video's concept, according to the band is "the world is rebuilding and the youth will be the ones to keep mankind going long after the adults are no longer around."

It's also shot incredibly-well, with visuals that could pass off for an actual movie! Frontman Lajon Witherspoon said it felt like being in a film while shooting:

“The ‘Unforgiven’ video was a great experience for me. I loved working with everyone on that shoot. It was like being in a movie for real and I hope we can do something like that again."

 Check it out now!

Can you believe that next year will mark 25 years of Sevendust as a band, and they still have every original member intact? We're really getting old...

You can also check out the great chat we had with Lajon Witherspoon  here.

Listen to Sevendust now.