Watch Rob Scallon Completely Shred on His New 7-String Signature Guitar

YouTuber Rob Scallon has been uploading a fair amount of content recently, but some of it has been really lacking the shred factor we had come to expect from his earlier material. Thankfully, the guitar wizard has shown us his metal side isn't going anywhere, as he sits in what appears to be a handball court holding his very sexy new signature Chapman 7-string guitar.

Ripping through the track 'chronosil' from his instrumental metal album The Scene Is Dead, it might be the first video we've ever seen of Rob not wearing a cap or beanie as well! It's a good look, Rob

Watch now, thank us later:

If you wanna get your hands on one of these beautiful Chapman ML1-7 RS axes, the guitar will be out in early 2019!through Music Junction and Better Music!