Watch Rapper Denzel Curry Absolutely Destroy 'Bulls On Parade' for Like A Version

The premise of Triple J's Like A Version is simple; popular artists are brought in each week to perform their own spin on a cover of their choice in a live setting. This week, it was American rapper Denzel Curry's turn, who surprised a lot of people by picking something completely out of his genre - 'Bulls On Parade' by Rage Against The Machine.

The performance is (to say the least) absolutely unreal, and has since gone viral online after being uploaded yesterday. It's super raw, with Denzel jumping around, screaming into the mic and spitting Zac de la Rocha's original lines with some real menace. He's even added his own verse in about current US president Donald Trump, updating the 1996 track to be relevant in 2019.

The cover has everyone talking, and will probably have you talking too:

Is it better than the original? We'll leave that one up to you to decide. One thing is for sure - Rage Against The Machine would be very proud!

Listen to Denzel Curry now.