Watch Nita Strauss and Jared Dines Go Head-to-Head in a Shred War

Jared Dines has been running his Shred Wars series on YouTube for some time now, going up against legendary guitarists like Jason Richardson and Matt Heafy. The premise is pretty simple - both guitarists trade solos over a metal backing track to prove themselves as the superior axe-master. 

In this episode, Alice Cooper's lead guitarist Nita Strauss (who also released a solo album in November) steps up to the plate, bringing some fierce tapping and keeping Jared on his toes.

So who wins? Well let's be honest - we the viewers win, because we get to watch two excellent guitarists showing off some sweet skills and guitar tones.

But for the real winner, you'll have to watch and let us know who you decide on:

Jared's guests are becoming more and more prolific with each video. Who's next? Let's see John Petrucci or Tosin Abasi!