Watch Miley Cyrus Cover Nine Inch Nails on Black Mirror

In case you missed it, the cult dystopian sci-fi series Black Mirror has just released its fifth season on Netflix, and you might recognise some music in there from Nine Inch Nails.

The show's creator Charlie Brooker contacted Trent Reznor for permission to use the song 'Head Like A Hole' with some modified lyrics, and it appears in the episode 'Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too' which features Miley Cyrus portraying a pop star.

Cyrus can be seen performing her own rendition of the NIN classic at the end of the episode, which you can check out below:

Nine Inch Nails themselves have also released a collaborative t-shirt based on the episode:

Miley also recently performed a cover of a Temple Of The Dogs song during Chris Cornell's tribute show, which is also worth watching.