Watch Metal Trump's Hilarious Cover of Megadeth's 'Symphony Of Destruction'

If you haven't seen it before, Metal Trump is a series created by Youtuber Lars Von Retriever which takes footage from US president Donald Trump's speeches and matches them up to iconic metal songs for some bat-shit crazy results.

His latest cover of Megadeth's classic 'Symphony Of Destruction' is no exception at all, and this time the lyrics have been slightly reworded to work perfectly - 'You take a billionaire / And put him in control / Watch him become a god / Watch people's heads aroll'.

Check it out:

Of course, this isn't the first time Megadeth have been used; their song 'Holy Wars...' was also the source for another Metal Trump cover a few months ago!

Head on over to Lars Von Retriever's channel to check out the rest of his work, which has no doubt taken hours upon hours to create!