Watch Metal Fans Take the 'Screaming Slayer' Challenge

Slayer fans have been screaming the band's name out loud for decades now and it's only now that the internet has decided to turn it into a full-blown challenge.

YouTube duo Jhoffilms recently ran some kind of contest to see who could yell "SLAYERRRRR" in the most entertaining way, and as they detail below, they received a ton of submissions.

They show off a long list of submitted clips in the video and announce the contest winners too. You're gonna see people screaming in the middle of the street, on top of a ferris wheel and other ridiculous places:

Excuse us, we're gonna go let off a big scream of our own to the opening riff of South Of Heaven.

Slayer Slayerfan GIF - Slayer Slayerfan Slayerscream GIFs

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