Watch Meshuggah's 'Bleed' Covered on a Cello

We love seeing creative covers of metal songs popping up online (remember Lamb Of God's 'Grace' covered on a hurdy gurdy, or Slipknot's 'Eyeless' on tiny drums?), and today we have Meshuggah's 'Bleed' covered on a cello!

As if the song wasn't hard enough to cover already, Raphael Weinroth-Browne has gotten a little creative by using some effects pedals to get his cello to sound similar to the guitars in the original song. The video description reads:

'Everything in this track except the drums was recorded on an acoustic cello running through both a Fender Deluxe amplifier with effects pedals and a DI box in addition to a close mic.'

 Have a look for yourself and be amazed:

Listen to Meshuggah now.