Watch Marilyn Manson Play His Debut Acoustic Show in 1991

Before Marilyn Manson became signed and turned into the iconic shock artist we all know and love, he had some pretty humble beginnings back in the early 90s, gathering up a bit of a cult following in South Florida with his band The Spooky Kids.

Thanks to Kerrang! for digging this gem of a video up which shows a very young Marilyn playing his first-ever acoustic gig with the band in 1991, free of contact lenses and makeup.

It's not the best music you'll ever hear (to put it lightly), but it's pretty fascinating to see such a fresh-faced Manson still figuring out exactly where he wanted to go with his sound and image. Keep in mind that this was three years before his debut album Portrait of an American Family came out via Trent Reznor's label:

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