Watch Marilyn Manson Fans and Protesters Clash Over His 2001 Ozzfest Performance

There was once a point in time when Marilyn Manson was arguably one of the most controversial figures in the world. Following the release of his two seminal albums Antichrist Superstar (1996) and Mechanical Animals (1998), Manson's violent and anti-religious antics drew wide criticism from priests and parents everywhere. He also became the point of blame for various atrocities including the Columbine High School massacre in 1999.

Seventeen years later, Ozzfest have now uploaded a fascinating bit of footage from 2001 which saw both fans and critics/protesters of Manson clash over his Ozzfest show in Colorado that year, the same state in which the shootings took place.

Some interesting quotes from the clip include a concerned town spokesman saying:

"Do we believe that all who hear Manson tomorrow night will go out and commit violent acts? The answer is no. But does everybody who watches a Lexus ad go out and buy a Lexus? No, but a few do. We can't tolerate two more young people coming into our community and committing atrocities.

Filmmaker Michael Moore also makes an appearance to defend Manson, with some of the footage throughout also found on his documentary Bowling For Columbine. Other fans also give their take on Manson's reputation which gives us a super-interesting look from both sides.

Have a look below:

Oh, what a time it was!

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