Watch Limp Bizkit Play Brand New Song 'Wasteoid' Live

It's been quite some time since we've heard anything new from Limp Bizkit, and it seemed as though that fabled new album Stampede Of The Disco Elephants would never arrive.

But lo and behold, the band have debuted a brand new song reportedly called 'Wasteoid' at a recent show in France, which you can see fan-shot footage of below.

Apparently it's only a portion of the new track, but from what we can hear, it sets a moody atmosphere before dropping into some classic Wes Borland bounce which gets the crowd rowdy:

Limp Bizkit's last album Gold Cobra came out back in 2011, so we're well overdue for some new music.

It's a pretty solid sign of things to come for the iconic nu-metal band, and hopefully some new recordings will rear their heads soon!

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