Watch Limp Bizkit Play a Parking Lot in 1997

In 2018, it's easy to forget that the same Limp Bizkit who consistently play arenas around the world were once a small-time band just trying to leave their mark on the rapidly-growing nu metal scene. Literally just two weeks after the release of their debut album Three Dollar Bill, Y'all, Fred Durst and pals took to the parking lot of a 7th Heaven store (alternative culture shop) in Kansas City to rip a vicious set to probably a couple of hundred people.

At the very end of the half-hour show, a pre-red cap era Durst kicks John Otto's kit into oblivion and the stage gets trashed as the crowd erupts. Very cool to watch legends in the making do their thing at a time when the genre was really about to enter overdrive. Check it out!

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