Watch Korn's 'Falling Away From Me' Turned Into Smooth Jazz

Every now and then we'll come across a YouTube video which spreads a huge smile across our face, and today that classic video is Korn's 'Falling Away From Me' turned into a smooth jazz track.

The genius re-imagining of the song comes courtesy of YouTuber Andy Rehfeldt, who has worked the original instrumentals into something a little more chill - and it works perfectly.

There is something absolutely hilarious about watching Korn play jazz to a massive crowd and Jonathan Davis drop a big F-bomb before dropping into loungey guitar chords at 3:37. Check it out:


Andy has also produced such classics as a jazz version of Metallica's 'Enter Sandman' as jazz and Mary Poppins singing death metal, and his channel is definitely worth heading over to check out!