Watch Jared Dines' Djent Twist on Fighting Games

Metal YouTuber Jared "Djent Daddy" Dines has made us want to crack out the old arcade stick and a copy of Street Fighter or Tekken with his own spin on the format called 'Scream Fighter', where him and his friend  'Kombucha King' face off using animated band-themed moves to try and kill each other. Winds of Plague? Napalm Death? Five Finger Death Punch? Yep, they're all moves.

It's a bit like Ryu vs Ken, except without any shoryukens and a heavy soundtrack behind it instead. We would have totally picked Corey Taylor at the character select screen to use a 'Pulse of the Maggots' move, though. 

So who wins? Well, guess you'd better watch and find out!