Watch Dream Theater's Futuristic Music Video for Heavy New Single 'Paralyzed'

If you're a Dream Theater fan, or just a prog fan in general, then today is a good day for you; the band have just released the third and final single called 'Paralyzed' from their upcoming 14th studio album Distance Over Timewhich will be out on February 22.

'Paralyzed' is a pretty heavy track by the band's standards and contains some masterful musicianship across the board (as you'd expect). The accompanying animated music video shows a dystopian robot-driven future which gives off some heavy I, Robot/Skynet vibes.

Check it out:

You can also listen to their first two singles 'Fall Into The Light', which was released with another animated music video, and 'Untethered Angel'.

Dream Theater have sold over 12 million records worldwide since forming in 1985, and have arguably created one of the most dedicated fanbases in metal music.

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