Watch Dragonforce's Herman Li Play a Guitar Solo While Snorkeling Underwater

In what is possibly a world first, Dragonforce guitarist and general guitar god Herman Li decided to do something a little bit different by playing a guitar solo while snorkeling underwater on the boat of the Full Metal Cruise VII festival!

Using a custom waterproof Ibanez guitar made especially for Li, he says "not gonna do this again, this is the only time it's gonna happen. Once in a lifetime." before slipping on a snorkel and slowly making his way to the edge of the pool while shredding up a storm.

At around the 3:45 minute mark, Herman jumps in the pool and puts his head underwater while still soloing with his guitar above him, not able to see where his fingers are. Check out the madness below!

We knew Li was an unreal guitarist, but this just takes it to another level!

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