Watch Cannibal Corpse Conjure The Biggest Circle Pit Ever in Chile

We already knew that South America absolutely loves their metal. So what happens when you throw Cannibal Corpse and Napalm Death into a 4,500-capacity arena in Santiago, Chile? Absolute metal mayhem, that's what!

With both aforementioned bands on tour together in South America, footage has emerged of Chile's crowd turning the venue into a human whirlpool during Cannibal Corpse's classic 'Hammer Smashed Face'.

Seriously - it might be one of the biggest circle pits we've ever seen, and the angle of the footage from high up gives a great view of just how nuts it was. You can audibly hear the venue erupt with chanting throughout the song as well!

Check it out below:

Damn Chile, you really know how to do it!

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