Watch Bring Me The Horizon Play 'Pray For Plagues' Live For the First Time Since 2014

Since November last year, Bring Me The Horizon have been regularly playing a deathcore medley during their live shows as a nod to OG fans, and recently they busted out 'Pray For Plagues' after an overwhelming amount of fan requests online!

Fan-shot footage of the performance has surfaced from a special intimate show at The Dome in London, and it actually sounds super tight. Given how little Oli screams these days, he's surprisingly able to bring it right back to 2006 without much issue! Oli can even be heard spitting some classic pit calls like "Get the fuck up!" and "Are you fucking ready for this? I don't think you're fucking ready...".  

Watch the mayhem:

Seeing Bring Me The Horizon play deathcore to sold out rooms and arenas in 2019 (probably to a lot of very young people) is still something very hard to wrap your head around, but damn is it awesome.

Amusingly, the band recently posted a recent Facebook status saying they don't like 'Pray For Plagues' and they'd rather not play it:

Listen to Bring Me The Horizon now.