Watch Blur's 'Song 2' Sped Up to 'Napalm Death' Levels of Insanity

When it comes to YouTubers who put out hilarious tongue-in-cheek videos, memelord Kmac2021 is definitely one of our favourites. In his latest descent into musical madness, he's covered the iconic 'Song 2' by the Britpop band Blur. If you don't know exactly which song we're talking about, you'll probably recognise it when you hear it (it's that song that goes "WOOHOO!" a bunch of times). Is it just an ordinary cover? Of course not - every time there's a "WOOHOO!", Kmac speeds the song up from its original 130BPM. By the end of the video it ends up sounding like some insane Napalm Death song!

Have a listen for yourself:

If you're hungry for more silly memes, make sure you head on over to his channel for a bunch of hilarious bite-sized music mishaps.