Watch Behemoth's Wicked Performance of 'Messe Noire'.

With their brand new DVD/Blu-Ray Messe Noire set for release this Friday, Behemoth have given us a delightfully dark taste of what's to come, revealing the title track via their official Youtube channel. The video of Messe Noire is shot in black and white, and perfectly captures the evil of Behemoth's incredible live show.

Watch 'Messe Noire' now.


"Messe Noire. Well, that is everything that the BEHEMOTH live magick represents, and we're stoked that we have a true representation on record for everyone out there to enjoy." says frontman Nergal.

"Messe Noire captures the true intensity of what we do as a band and the energy we share with our fans. This is also an exclamation mark, the perfect way to conclude 'The Satanist' cycle which has been an overwhelming experience and amazing chapter in Behemoth‘s career and our lives so far!

By the release of Messe Noire we would like to hail our legions all around the world for undying support! Now let the art speak...."

Behemoth also previously revealed live performance footage of The Satanist, also included on the Messe Noir DVD/Blu-Ray. Light some candles and watch it now:

The Messe Noir DVD/Blu-Ray is set for release on Friday 13th of April, and was shot during Behemoth's touring cycle for their highly praised 2014 record The Satanist. Order your copy here.

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