Watch Behemoth's Nergal Hilariously React to Mean Comments on New Songs

 If you didn't know already, one of death metal's finest bands Behemoth have just dropped their new album I Loved You At Your Darkest, and we've been listening to it on repeat since it came out.

Not everyone seems to love it though, as frontman Nergal found out when he sat down with Metal Hammer to read some pretty negative comments left on the YouTube videos for their latest singles 'Bartzabel', 'God=Dog' and 'Wolves Ov Siberia'.

In a format similar to Jimmy Kimmel's 'Mean Tweets' series, Nergal hilariously rips his haters a fresh new one with each comment he gets through. One comment says "BEHEMOTH = POSERS", to which his response is "well, opinions are like assholes. Everyone has got one.". Check out the hilarity below:

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