Watch an Unboxing of Tool's Insane 'Fear Inoculum' Limited Edition

It still hasn't really sunk in for us here at Maniacs, but Tool's long-awaited new album Fear Inoculum is finally out after a 13-year wait!

In typical Tool fashion, the limited edition of the album comes with some very cool packaging. How cool? How about its own 4" HD screen, a speaker and a USB charge port to watch visuals with while you listen to the record?

Not only that, but a bunch of awesome artwork and download cards are included too, which makes for one detailed package. It didn't come cheap for those who opted in though; the retail price in Australia was around $140 and it sold out quick.

Check out an unboxing video of it below to get a sense of everything that's included, then get back to soaking in the new album:


Tool have been known to do similar things with previous albums - 10,000 days included stereoscopic eyeglasses built into the CD's packaging, while Maynard's other band A Perfect Circle released a hologram version of their latest album Eat The Elephant, which required listeners to place a special prism on their phones to watch some complimentary visuals.

Were you one of the lucky few to land yourself one of these? Was it worth the wait? Let us know!

Listen to Tool's 'Fear Inoculum' now.