Watch Alien Weaponry's Awesome New 'Ahi Kā' Music Video

New Zealand's teenage metal prodigies Alien Weaponry recently put out a huge new track called 'Ahi Kā', a harrowing historical recount of the burning of an old Maori village in 1952 ahead of Queen Elizabeth II's visit to the country in an attempt to 'beautify the country'.

You can now watch the official music video for it below, which shows the guys playing the song in the studio interspersed with old footage of the Queen's visit. The video has a whole bunch of sweet visual filters overlaid to match the song's harrowing atmosphere.

It's an interesting history lesson, and a very good excuse to give the track another spin!

The standalone track was released as part of Adult Swim's Metal Swim 2 compilation, which also features bands like BaronessEyehategod and Sunn O))). You can stream the whole thing through this link here.

Listen to Alien Weaponry now.