Watch Alien Weaponry Lead Thousands of Metalheads in the Haka Dance

For New Zealand's Alien Weaponry, it's tradition to perform a ceremonial Māori Haka dance before playing a set. 

At the band's recent show at COPENHELL in Denmark, they were joined on stage by Kane Harnett-Mutu (who has apparently been teaching the dance in Denmark for the last 25 years) to teach the audience how to partake in the dance of their own.

The result - 6,000 metalheads performing a Haka right back at Alien Weaponry. It's super badass, and amazing to see two cultures coming together as one - check it out below: 

You might have seen the war dance performed frequently by Kiwi rugby teams, but it's actually a pretty historic Māori practice which has been used for battle preparations as far back as the 18th century.

Very cool to see such young guys flying the flag internationally for their country's culture!

Listen to Alien Weaponry now.