Watch A Perfect Circle's New Video 'Disillusioned'.


If you haven't seen it already, A Perfect Circle's new official video for Disillusioned came out just the other day, and it paints a rather terrifying picture of what our future may hold for us!

The funny thing about this video, is that you will most likely watch it on a mobile device, and share it with your friends - the virtual reality revolution is coming. Should we be afraid?

A Perfect Circle's forthcoming album Eat The Elephant is due out on the 20th of April, and it will be the first new record from the band since way back in 2004. We can't wait to get our hands on it.

Pre-order Eat The Elephant now.

Eat The Elephant is available for pre-order now on CD, vinyl, and a limited edition deluxe box set.

Eat The Elephant Vinyl

Eat The Elephant vinyl.