Watch a Nintendo Guitar Used to Play a Metal Version of the Tetris Theme

You may or may not remember that YouTube metal mastermind Rob Scallon had a guitar custom made out of an old NES console. Well it's back again, and thank goodness for that because something so awesome shouldn't be collecting dust!

This time he's tackled the iconic theme of Tetris, the most popular video game of all time. Starting off with a pretty soothing rendition of the song, before busting into some pretty ridiculous shredding and tapping alongside a visual of a Tetris game getting faster and faster.

Although it would be even more impressive if the guitar was being used as an actual controller to play Tetris, it's still pretty damn cool. Even the 7-time world Tetris champ Jonas Neubauer makes an appearance! Check it out:

Did you know that the Tetris theme is actually a rendition of an old Russian folk song called Korobeiniki?