Watch a Bunch of Iconic Riffs Played Over Brutal Breakdowns

The metal king of YouTube Jared Dines has returned with another fun little experiment; this time he's taken some classic rock riffs and put a bunch of breakdowns underneath them for some really silly results.

Some of the riffs include Thunderstruck, Stairway to Heaven, Jesse's Girl, Sweet Child O' Mine and Crazy Train to name a few. We're even treated to a short little appearance from Dines' 18-string behemoth which was custom-made by Perth guitar luthier Ormsby Guitars.

Thunderstruck actually sounds pretty damn cool with a breakdown, and Carry On Wayward Son also works more than it should. Check it out:

Which songs would you want to hear with the breakdown treatment? Maybe a 7/4 breakdown over 'Money' by Pink Floyd? That would be sacrilege...