Watch 10 Classic Emo Songs Played in Different Styles

There was once a time when the fringe was king, checkered belts were everywhere and band t-shirts had all sorts of sickly-fluoro designs. At some point these trends faded into the abyss, but the legacies of those bands at the time live on in all our emo little hearts.

Jared Dines has decided to revisit ten of them by putting different spins on each, such as My Chemical Romance in 80's arena rock, Paramore in gospel and Taking Back Sunday in metal (which doesn't sound that different from the original).

We're also gonna go ahead and say that The Killers aren't exactly emo, and there's no real emo like American Football in the video either, but it's still a fun throwback at the very least!

Do you still listen to any of these bands? We might need to go crack out the old Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge now...