Wage War Release Stunning New Single 'Who I Am', Watch Now

American metalcore outfit Wage War have just announced that their third album Pressure will be out on August 30, and they've also debuted a killer new track titled 'Who I Am' which you can check out below.

The album has been produced by Drew Fulk, who has worked with a ton of dominant artists like Motionless In WhiteLil Peep and IDKHOW.

Check out the official video, which jumps between black and red visuals to represent the song's heavier moments, and blue during the melodic chorus:

Vocalist/guitarist Cody Quistad explained the meaning behind the new album, saying:

"There’s always pressure to make a great album, but we felt it even more so this time around. We pushed ourselves to keep this thing moving and growing. The theme was to be as catchy and as heavy as possible. We knew we had to do something people would notice. Ultimately, we tried to deliver a benchmark that says, ‘This is Wage War. This is what we can do.’"

Wage War - Pressure album cover

Pressure will cap off an already-massive list of August releases which includes the likes of ToolKillswitch EngageCarnifex and more!

Listen to Wage War now.