Vitas Meets Metal in This Incredible Cover

If the name Vitas doesn't ring any bells for you, his song 'The 7th Element' probably will; it's the song where he pokes his tongue out and makes some weird noises, among other things. Here it is for context anyway, in all its bizarre catchiness:

A YouTuber by the name of BillyTheBard11th has taken the track and put his own metal spin on the track. Rather than gutting the entire thing and starting from scratch, he's kept Vitas' golden voice and arranged his own bass, drums and guitar under it for epic results. 

Believe it or not, the video's had less than 2,000 views since April last year, so it's about time Billy got the credit he's due! Check it out:

We see that 6-string bass and 8-string guitar, Billy. That's some nice gear ya got there!