Upon A Burning Body Release Riffy New Single 'All Pride, No Pain', Listen Now

Texan metalcore band Upon A Burning Body took us by surprise last month with a killer new single called 'King Of Diamonds', the first glimpse of things to come from their next album Southern Hostility which is out on June 7.

With that single getting a pretty huge response, they've given us another taste of southern hostility with 'All Pride, No Pain', a heavy jam which is chock-full of dirty southern riffs and raw aggression.

Check it out below:

The southern influence is much more present in this material than their previous albums, but we think it's for the better!

The band's guitarist Ruben Alvarez commented on the new direction, saying:

“We simply felt it was time for a change. This new album is definitely a huge statement for us. It was time to reinvent ourselves and get back to our roots – pure heavy fucking metal! The energy of this album takes us back to our first two, but with much more maturity.

We worked for two months with Christopher Mora [producer] and our younger brother, Thomas Alvarez [co-producer.] They are both amazing song writers and were able to help us create fresh and infectious ideas.

The four of us worked together to create a fresh, raw and energetic sound. We took influences from some of the greatest metal bands of all-time (Pantera, Metallica, etc), in order to fill a void that many people are craving and need.

Once we finished tracking and putting the final touches we realized we created an album that would change everything for us. This is what everyone has been waiting for: no gimmicks and just straight in your face metal!”

Listen to Upon A Burning Body now.