UNIFY 2019 Will Feature 'Two Exclusive Reunions' and 'Six Exclusive Internationals'

Ahead of the reveal of next year's UNIFY lineup later this week, organisers have told Wall Of Sound that the 2019 festival will have 'two exclusive reunions' and 'six exclusive international acts' on its roster.

Curiously, Michael Crafter posted a Facebook status with a picture of him sitting in front of a faded I Killed The Prom Queen logo, and the band also changed their profile picture to include the old lineup, which strongly suggests a possible IKTPQ reunion with Crafter back at the helm (possibly to play When Goodbye Means Forever in full). As for the other exclusives, there aren't any hints around, although Newcastle pop punk band Trophy Eyes have already been the first confirmed act after having just released their new album The American Dream last Friday.

Last month, a fake lineup was doing the rounds and quickly dismissed by organisers, however some are led to believe a few of the acts on the fabricated poster will still be appearing (see: I Killed The Prom Queen)

UNIFY 2019 will be held over three days at Tarwin Lower in South Gippsland from January 11-13. Tickets will go on sale at midday on Thursday August 9.

Watch this space!