Toto's 'Africa' Gets a Hilarious Black Metal Makeover

Man, these 'Africa' covers are all the rage at the moment, aren't they? There was Weezer's cover of the song which had everyone talking, then Trivium's Matt Heafy gave it a shot on his Twitch channel not long ago. This spicy black metal rendition might be the funniest one yet though, thanks to the black metal comedy YouTube channel Woods Of Trees, where they strip the original song of most of its melody and change the lyrics to other ridiculous things. Our personal favourite is 'she's flying in straight from Norway / the moonlit wings reflect the stars / that guide me towards Satan'. Cute kittens, poorly-animated love hearts and deserts serve as the backdrop for the blackening.

It's all pretty silly, but that's why we love it! Get kvlt with us: