Hundreds are Gathering at Federation Square Next Weekend to Make the Noise From 'Down With The Sickness'

Ooh Wah Ah Ah Ah

When you think of Disturbed, what's the first thing that comes to mind? For many, it's likely that it's David Draiman's now famous "OOH WAH AH AH AH!" from Down With The Sickness. It's actually pretty hard to replicate it yourself, but it's damn fun to try, and now if you're in Melbourne next weekend you can give it a shot with hundreds of others!

A Facebook event asking fans to meet up in Melbourne's Federation Square on Saturday, October 27 to all make the noise together has picked up some real steam, with 890 attending and over 4,000 interested at the time of writing.

Disturbed event

This is one of many hilarious events at Fed Square that have eventuated through social media, with one in February seeing hundreds of people gather to say "wow" like actor Owen Wilson at the same time for some really silly, but good times!

If you don't know which sound we're talking about, check out 0:20 from Down With The Sickness below:

We can't wait to see how ridiculous this event turns out to be! See you there?

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