This Fully-Funcitoning Guitar Also Doubles as a Pipe


We've seen some pretty crazy guitar designs in our day, like the Nintendo NES console which functions as both a gaming and shred machine, and of course, Stevie T's 20-string djent behemoth which resembles a surfboard more than it does a guitar.

Now you can add this one to the list - a guitar which doubles as a pipe! Made by Dunable Guitars, it was created specially for the 'Psycho Smokeout' in Los Angeles (where this kind of thing is obviously legal) and raffled off to a lucky winner.

There's a little hatch to the right of the pickups to put the goods and it looks as though the strap button is used to smoke out of. Check it out in action below:

Definitely some interesting craftsmanship going on here. If you could have a guitar function as something else, what would it be?